Benefits we have for you.

Agreement with Hotel Real

Preferential rate for Lap Dental patients where the single room costs $ 85 USD and the Double Room costs $ 97 USD, breakfast included, come schedule your appointment at Lap Dental and take advantage of your stay with this great benefit, to attend to everything you need orally.

Transportation from the hotel to the office and vice versa

We are pleased to tell you that we have this merger with this prestigious hotel where every Lap Dental patient has the benefit of having transportation, for your safety and tranquility, we go to the line for you, we leave you at the hotel from hotel to office and from return to the hotel, make your appointment today and take advantage of your stay to treat yourself to everything you need in the mouth.

American Dental Insurance

If you are from the USA and how many with American PPO Insurance can assist you in Mexico, where the process and information is clear and precise from the beginning, if your Insurance is HMO modality we suggest you make your change in the month of November to PPO modality, so that then you can have the benefit of attending in Mexico and where without a doubt in Lap Dental you will always have an added value, we simplify things to help you and your family, enforce your dental insurance in Lap Dental and contact us as soon as possible.

On-site parking

Parking is not a problem at Lap Dental, we have parking inside Jova square for patients and very accessible parking meters outside the square to make your stay more practical and comfortable.

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Odontología general lleno-04

General odontology.

It is in charge of carrying out the
diagnosis, treatment and prevention of
diseases in teeth, gums and tissue.

Ortodoncia lleno-04


dental abnormalities and
aesthetic returns and
bite functionality.

Endodoncia lleno-04


It is the root canal treatment in which the damaged dental pulp is extracted in order to avoid the extraction of the tooth.

Implantes lleno-04

Dental implant.

Dental implants
they are a substitute for the root
natural, are made of titanium and
they are biocompatible.

Odontopedriatría lleno-04

Pediatric dentistry.

It consists of the care and
oral precaution of infants.